Thursday, December 21, 2017

the poet

How can we measure the value of one life against another?
All we can do is try and understand the poetry of each unique life.
In so doing we honour both the one who lived and also those still alive.
The soul of a poet is freed once they complete their poem here on Earth.
The poem is a variation on a theme as old as history itself: love and sacrifice.

We live in history still. We are yet to reach the life abundant that Jesus came to announce so long ago. Until we reach this life we must be reminded again and again of its lack, for this is our birthright and destiny.

The poet is aware that only innocence is required to open the gates of Heaven – the innocence of the child within us all.

The poet calls on us to remember that it is we ourselves who lock these gates, and can open them.

The poet brings to light this tragedy that we all suffer through his suffering it more innocently and intensely.

It is the duty of the poet to sacrifice himself in his work so that the world may be enriched by his life and creative death. The poetic encounter revivifies - we come back to life. We fulfill the poet’s destiny by understanding their poem.

We are all poems.

in memory of Edward Wensley-Walker

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