Wednesday, April 25, 2012


guy ritchie's film 'revolver'
a natural progression from his other films

the world as jail and casino, ruled by the unseen monarch - mr gold
the logic of the game pursued to its ultimate end - the facing and conquering of the unseen mr gold - unseen because mr gold is *within* - the social superorganism present individually as the ego - the ultimate enemy is the self you think is you but is not - in reality it is the same parasitic program that is installed in all and that controls via pride.

the sublimation of war to spiritual war. the internalisation of the foe and the key to his vanquishment and liberation - to go where you don't want to, to what you are most scared of...there mr gold is revealed as vulnerable and *separate* and therefore can be dealt with - he is out of his psychical foxhole.

and you have help - help that is mysterious, magical, beyond the retribution of mr gold, indeed the only entities that are beyond his retribution - these are the elements of your higher self - the master con man and chess player, together they constitute the real you - the magician.

magic is the key. it is ubiquitous - either unconscious or conscious. as long as the individual remains unconscious of the location of mr gold one's magical power remains in his service - the world created through him in his image. if one becomes conscious of mr gold one reclaims one's magic power, and reclaims his power over mr gold - taps into seemingly impossible guidance, awareness, intelligence.

revolver, as the name suggests, reveals that what what we think we inflict on our enemies comes back on us and that only by breaking the illusion of the 'other' can we liberate ourselves from the cruel vicious cycle of power and violence.

this is a message central to our times, still under the spell of politics: the enemy is within and can only be defeated within...with this victory the individual becomes invulnerable, free of the fatal disease....compassionate, alive...and the divine order establishes itself naturally in and through him.

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