Wednesday, April 25, 2012

musings 1

life is like a detective story in which you try and solve the mystery of your own absence.

a search for the self...but who is doing the searching?

the mirror is the symbol of the search - we find not ourselves (how can we?) but ourselves as others see us....forever two....schizoid reality.

the mirror is the symbol of our (declining) culture

the garden is the symbol of the culture to come

in the garden the self overflows and finds itself everywhere

all is agreement, suggestion, analogy, gift, cue, memory, omen

the boundary between self and world dissolved

magic understood, and stood under

til then

we can see a psychological truth - what is popular always reflects something analogous and lacking at an existential level

for example:

superhero movies - compensation for the absence of heroic values in life, which is a result of the lack of belief in the possibility of surpassing the (divided) self.... compensation for the unmet need to conquer which, existentially, is the conquering of the self, which is to say the integration of the ego.

romance movies - compensation for the lack of intimate love in life, which is a result of the lack of belief in love - the unwillingness to put love before all else. these stories always hinge on this: the protagonists find happiness because they put all on the line for love.

whodunnits, crime and thrillers - compensation for the lack of belief in the mystery of existence. science and religion explain away existence, fixing the truth of things, diverting the psyche from its own mystery. this is the initial crime, the true original sin. the denial of mystery as the heart of being - this lack elicits a corresponding compensation through the medium of film, TV and books.

there is an ironclad logic at work here:

what is popular points to a lack, which points to a need, which points to a reality. the very popularity of superhero movies and romance movies and the mystery genre proves the existence and centrality of the heroic, of a divine (reconciled) self and of love, and the mystery of existence.

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