Wednesday, April 25, 2012

lord o the rings

when i was a boy at catholic boys school i read the lord of the rings and felt....a loss....i wanted to be in that world not this one. catholic boys school was about as exciting as it sounds. i see that these worlds are the same. which is of course what tolkien knew - this is what a mythology is: a narrative explication of reality.

the hobbit is the innocent child within us all, and the pastoral idyll - an arcadian utopia

gandalf is the spirit made flesh and submitted to it....a fallible god, the only god we are ever going to know intimately

saruman the very instance of this divine fallibility

the elves - serenity and wisdom, and the choice of staying apart or joining the fray

the dwarves - the love of gold tempered by the love of life

sauron - worldly power, the apotheosis of ego-greed, the wasteland

tom bombadil - the divine principle encountered in its purity and therefore incomprehensible - the fool

and mankind, heightened into the possibility of a new maturity through aragorn, through love - the only immortality available to a mortal being.

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