Wednesday, April 25, 2012

australi day

australia is potentially, and sometimes actually, a light to the rest of the world. it is a country comprised of all the cultures and citizens of the world in peace. australia is a laboratory, an experiment in global culture, an effort at imagining a world without war.

but war only ever originates from within outwards. for people to get to the stage where they will kill they must be very fucked up.....this fucked upness is only ever born of denial. and denial is always self-denial.

the indigenous of this country represent our original selves: the natural selves we have repressed into the unconscious and that now only ever irrupt sporadically, violently, a straining at self-made leashes.

the journey of europe and the world to australia is the journey of civilised man coming back home to confront himself, his shadow - the native at home in nature. this journey is ongoing and is active in all of us. when we accept the aboriginal australian as that part of ourselves we have denied to our own detriment we will have reconciliation, and we will realise, as the indigenous probably already do, that reconciliation is more about helping the white man become whole than anything else.

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