Thursday, March 15, 2012

the myth of science

in times gone past there was a view that all was 'bued with life
and all distinct and separate things concorded thru their strife
the stars above, the depths below, the wind and rain and sun,
all were kin; to life itself did evrything belong
and life itself the only god these people ever knew 
and they knew her like a mother, and loved her like one too.

but times they change, aye that's for sure- only change remains the same
and into life there did now come a bittersweet refrain
this song was of the heroes and the gods that they did wage
unceasing war in mankind's name so that man could be the gauge
of what was right and what was real and what was possible
that life itself was 'nuff reward became now risible.

so flower did the stories of men and gods and war
and there came into these stories something not been felt before
a god beyond the smaller gods that man had stood and met
a god supreme, that unseen ruled, whose kingdom was beset
by wickedness and evil so that his ire was justly roused
his word called forth the righteous folk: obedient and proud.

where once there had been guidance through the love of life itself
and a ritual revealing divinity indwelt
now there came the orders from celestial hierarchy
interpreted by solemn priests and then, eventually,
by the lovers of sophia, who by name sounded quite fine
but soon they tired of their muse - she wouldn't toe the line!

and twas from here that we can herald the birth of our subject
that gentle elevation of the sharpened intellect
the analytic knife was born from minds of noble men
and the world she was to never be quite the same again
man had now the power to look beneath the veil
of nature's varied raiment in quest for all detail

the wisdom of the earth, sophia called by name
is not apt to have her precious name uttered so in vain
the immodesty of inquiry which these fine men did meet
their task of deciphering the laws of life complete
cannot be thought to have no dire consequence
the woman who is scorned - there is no safe defence.

but sophia she is one who knows how to bide her time
for she has all eternity in which she can decide
the manner and the timing of her retributive glory
leaving men of eager mind continue with their story
so return now to the story of a myth that's in the making
a twist or two there is for sure and some are interestin'

some called it truth, some called it good and some they called it god
but for all intents and purposes they worshipped the same rod
an abstraction, a first principle, installed outside of things
and alternatively delineated through careful ponderings
of theologians, philosophers or some hybrid thereof
but the devil's in the details and somethin' to be ware of

now all this time in western lands there has been something stable
the church that came from peter has proved itself quite able
at providing for its folk an existential 'curity
the life and words of jesus being used quite expertly
to contradict the meaning and the spirit of his life
but at least they let the masses sleep okay at night

but eventually a guy called luther takes em up upon it
and nails a sheet upon a door and fairly lets it rip
hypocrisy, idolatry these are the words he said
about the papist's pageantry and mystifying bread
from now on there's no mystery to christianity
a book, a cross, a flock - the new holy trinity

and now it is that we do see fertile rediscovery
of minds from ancient times who first they were to free
fair intellect from its corporeal matrix
and now it seems there's nothing that the mind it cannot fix
the earth and man no longer taking up the centre stage
dethroned and ever lessening in mind's expanding range

all former truths are questioned and shadowed bout with doubt
the anti-myth (but still a myth!) of science now rises to a shout
that deafens ears that used to hear the whisper on the breeze
that found solace and kinship in the majesty of trees
the story now is different to those that came before
this story lacks a meaning and that's something to deplore

but a story ain't just a tale to help while away the time
a story when its raised to myth comes something quite sublime
not only does it stir the hearts and minds and souls of men
it creates the very fabric of the universe through them
the word you see is much more than something which does label
it is the very substance of a world - and that's a fable.

the story that is science no doubt has great utility
it lets us tap the god-like depths of ingenuity
technology is the result of this method's application
the copious machines she bears, these hardly need a mention
but the machine is also the symbol of man's intellect divorced
from the bosom of the earth, whose flesh it is we force.

and now the story being told is nearing to its end
which brings us to our nemesis whose grudge she did us lend
Sophia's modesty once breached was always going to cause
a world of trouble for the folk who disregard her law
which is the law of nature - the single only truth
what harm you visit on her you eventually will rue

and now the sword of atomic and genetic damocles
ushered in with schizoid grin thinking we are free
from any imaginary gods up in the sky
or any fabled justice, cos we know that's just a lie
in fact everything's a lie 'cept what we know in fact
and values are subjective see - which means they are old hat.

this is the disintegration of a world that we do live
and to the slighted Sophia it is that we must give
our whole attention now so that again we might just hear
her silent words of wisdom, those that logic truly fears
for logic is the myth of mythlessness, which is in other words
to chain oneself forever to the rock of the absurd

it is past the time for us to sheath the analytic knife
and remember that the only truth is that which we call life
which is to say the truth is there as soon as we stop thinking
and all our efforts in this world must be a signal linking
our minds and bodies with the soul that makes them one
or else there is no future for civilisation.

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